Click the image to watch the video clip of our wee visitor….

WE’RE about to have breakfast when Margaret spots a red squirrel at the feeder…looks like a good video opportunity so I nip to the studio and grab a camera and manage to get some footage while the squirrel – and us – have breakfast.

I make a couple of quick edits – basically just selecting a 45-second segment and putting into square and vertical formats – and post it around social media. Nice to have some content that isn’t music or me trying to sell something!

The release of my ‘band’ version of Cherry Wine is set for Friday 19 March and I have the code I need to set up a Spotify pre-save. Once done I create a web page ready to become my website landing page after Monday’s livestream concert.

Five o’clock comes and goes and guess what? UPS still haven’t picked up the guitar. That’s the third day running they’ve screwed up. I spend the best part of the next hour on the phone in a queue to speak to a ‘real’ person and eventually get through to another pigeon-English speaker who assures me the situation is being escalated and someone ‘high up’ in UPS will call later today or tomorrow…