Nice day for a 40k bike ride 🙂

UP early to get the pork butt on the smoker before I have breakfast and cycle to the next village to meet Martyn for a bike ride.

We have a grand couple of hours and pedal around 40k and chat the whole way. When I get home Catriona and the kids have come to sit in the garden.

They go a walk with Margaret and I set about cleaning the bike. The work stand and chain cleaning machine are already proving themselves worth their weight in gold!

After a shower I have a sandwich, do a little work…then fall asleep for an hour on the couch. I’m feeling a bit like shit when I wake up and it takes me a while to get going again.

The pork still has a wee while to go before it gets to the optimum 203 degrees internal temperature..then it needs to rest for an hour or so in a faux cambro.

While we’re waiting I prepare some red cabbage slaw and peel some potatoes, cut them into chips and soak them for the air fryer later on.

Dinner’s ready just as our pal Bill goes live for his weekly livestream from Florida.