Forthcoming single is now available for pre-save on Spotify and other music here or the pic.

FIRST on the to-do list today is to call UPS. Again. Fourth time. Three no-show collection arrangements, and no promised call backs.

Finally I get someone who seems a little more on top off things and an hour or so later I get a call from UPS’ Glasgow depot. There’ll be a pickup today and someone will call and update the time window.

After a Zoom guitar session with one of my students I start re-configuring there studio for this evening’s full concert livestream. There’s a load of technical stuff to get in place.

I take a break for lunch then make up a set list based on the songs folks have voted for in the survey set up for ticket buyers. There’s also a fair bit of last-minute promo to do for the livestream.

Next, I prepare social media graphics to replace the Facebook and Youtube covers promoting the livestream to one’s trailing the forthcoming new single – a lockdown project band arrangements of Cherry Wine dropping on 19 March. I need to change the landing page on my website accordingly too so they can all be live after the livestream tonight.

I finish setting up the lights, cameras, sound and holding screen for the livestream then get Margaret across to the studio to run a test stream. There’s a bit of fine tuning to sort some video/audio sync issues but other than that it all goes to plan.

There’s not much time for a walk – and it’s dark before I get a quick stroll round the village.

We won’t be eating ’til after the livestream so I have a quick snack, get changed then we go back to the studio to run the show. One of the macros I programmed to deal with some audio adjustments by pressing a button on a. controller has – after weeks of working flawlessly – decided to malfunction. Jeez!

A quick workaround then I start the stream early with a holding page to let folks get settled in before the show starts.

It all goes well and I’m really happy with the audio and video quality 🙂

There’s a ‘virtual drinks and chat’ session after then we end the livestream, tidy up and finally get back to the house for dinner sometime after 10pm…