AT 8am I’m on the phone to UPS in Glasgow as no-one came to pick up the guitar yesterday (Monday) as arranged.

The girl says it’ll be picked up today – she needs to pass to a colleague to find out what’s gone wrong and will call me back.

Meantime I get on with some work then a call comes in from a Wickes’ driver saying my delivery of sand, concrete and slabs (for the base of my future bike shed) will be in 15 minutes.

Sure enough, in 15 minutes a huge lorry crawls up the driveway, manoeuvres into position and offloads a heavy-looking pallet with it’s crane. Glad I opted for delivery…I might’ve got it all in the car, but it’s ass would have been dragging all the way home.

The girl from UPS hasn’t called back, so I call her. She was just about to call me…pickup will be by 5pm. She confirms the name, address, phone number etc.

It’s not very good weather, but I go for a quick walk before lunch then make some steamed bao buns with airfare, then caramelised, tofu.

We make up a meal plan and, after going to the do for her first covid jab, Margret goes for the shopping.

I have a load of stuff to do setting up promo for the forthcoming single release of Cherry Wine and also need to try and re-jig the studio after last night’s livestream setup.

By 5pm no-one’s come from UPS to pick up the guitar. Jeez! I call and speak to another lassie…she’ll contact the driver and let me know what’s happening. By 5.45pm she hasn’t called back, so I call (again!)...she can’t get the driver and will pass to management….I ask if I can speak to management now and get to speak with a guy who says he’s compiling a note for management right now and assures me the guitar will be collected tomorrow (Wednesday)...that’ll be the sixth arrangement… by 5pm.

Margaret comes home with the shopping then watches Andy Murray and I go back to the studio until dinner time…