I SPEND the morning in the studio catching up on emails, admin and stuff.

At lunchtime a hire van pulls up and our regular UPS guy jumps out…he’s been off for a year and only back this week. Her’s a good guy and I don’t want to give him too much of a grilling about the failed pickup arrangements. At least the guitar is, at last, on its way.

I experiment with the iPad in the studio in the hope that I can use ‘sidecar’ mode to control the recording software remotely from the live room. While sidecar works fine, it turns out it doesn’t support the iPad’s touch interface other than a menu bar and an on-screen keyboard, so you chanty use it to control apps etc.

Ah well. I investigate an old app I had called Astropad, but it’s an old version and the iPad app won’t ‘talk’ to the MacBook app. There’s a USB-C hardware solution which looks like the answer but because of Brexit it’s not shipping to the UK. I’ll maybe hit up some of our Stateside pals tomorrow too see if they can order on our behalf.

I’d hoped to go a bike ride at some point int he afternoon, but I get caught up in some work and when I eventually emerge from the studio it’s started to rain. I don’t mind cycling in the wet, but I don’t have time to dry/clean the bike today, so I opt-for a walk instead.

When I get back the rain’s off and Margaret helps me shift all the stuff for building the bike shed base round to the back off the house.

It’s Les’s birthday tomorrow and Margaret’s arranged for a family video call. It’s nice to chat with everyone for an hour then I toddle off and make dinner.