WE sleep in then drink coffee and chat in bed…I’ve an early start tomorrow (Saturday) for a guitar session with one of any Australian students, so we’re making today a ‘weekend day’!

After our late breakfast we have a video call with my cousin Fred. Haven’t seen her in ages, so it’s great to chat and we blether for well over an hour.

I get a little work done then suddenly it’s lunchtime!

The weather forecast had been for better weather, but at least it’s dry, so we take the opportunity to clear a space at the back of the house where I plan to lay the base for my bike shed. There’s a coal bunker to be emptied and broken down and a fair bit of clearing and tidying to be done before I can even think about starting the groundwork.

The shed isn’t scheduled to arrive until May so I’m not exactly under pressure to get the base done!

By the time we’re done there’s not really enough time for a bike ride so I take a walk up the lochside instead.

Back home I spend an hour or two in the office prototyping some merch ideas. It’s kinda slow progress, but it’s good not to rush and work on getting some good stuff together.

Dinner is prawn green curry – I generally prefer chicken in green curry, but this one turned out really good 🙂