HAVING not gone to bed ’til 4am we’re a bit late rising!

Believe it or not, there are still some radio folks that want physical CDs of promo/advance tracks. I’vee had a couple of requests and so need to burn Cherry Wine to CD…problem is, none of our current machines have built in CD writers (or readers).

The old MacBook Pro that manages camera switching etc in the live room for the studio has a CD-R drive and I manage to coax it to burn a CD. I take it to the house to test it and…the CD player doesn’t want to recognise it 🙁

Back to the studio and I fire up the old iMac which runs a CD authoring app called Toast. The gold standard. take the resulting CD to the house. Still nada! I try a different brand of CD-R and still nothing. All play OK on the computer, so I decide to fire them off anyway in the hope that it’s just our CD player that doesn’t like CD-Rs.

I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time farting about with the CD burning and I realise that it’s time for a video call with my cousin in Manhattan. We have a great chat and it looks like everyone’s doing fine over there.

Out the back I start marking out the ground for the bike shed base and do a wee bit of digging before deciding it’s too much like hard work for today and go for a quick walk instead!

There’s a few things jostling for position on the to-do list but my priority is my eNewsletter. I get it written, designed and primed ready to go out automatically first thing in the morning.