Halfway up my 1500-foot climb up the hill…

THE MARCH eNewsletter goes out as planned then I spend a while posting links around social media etc.

There’s a couple of songs to be performed on video for Beatles on the Chippewa – a festival in USA mid-West of that’s being run as a ‘virtual’ festival this year. I played the blues festival there a few years ago and am a regular guest of the Chippewa Valley Blues Society.

Guests are to play a Beatles song and one of their own…but I don’t play any Beatles! One of the organisers found a Beatles’ version of Cash’s Walk The Line recorded in the Abbey Road sessions, so suggest I do that as my ‘Beatles’ song. I make a quick live video of that and Cherry Wine. I’ll get it all edited and sent of tomorrow (Tuesday).

After lunch I attend to some admin stuff then go out a bike ride. I only plan on a half hour, but end up being away more than an hour and going to the top of the hill…a good 1500 feet plus climb. Gnarly but fun on the way down 🙂

In the garden I pay lip service to groundwork for the bike shed then hit the studio and prepare the video footage and set up for tonight’s Tales From the Road livestream.

I go back to the house to get a coffee and see an amazing sky over the bay, so instead of the coffee, I grab a wee camera and run down to the lochside to snap a few pix.

Of course that puts a bit of extra time pressure on livestream prep, but I get there and make it live just in time 🙂

Amazing sunset behind the Tom Weir statue…