Swans…any excuse to take a photo of ‘the tree’…!

AFTER breakfast I do a quick ‘stock’ check round the fridges, freezers and cupboards then make a meal plan for the coming week and a shopping. list.

I have a phone meeting scheduled for 2pm, so wanna get into Glasgow and round Costco, Tesco and See Woo and back in good time.

There’s five minutes to spare when I get back so I manage to get the frozen stuff into the freezer, grab a coffee and still make it in time for the phone meeting.

Next job it to finish the video edit for Beatles on the Chippewa fundraiser and get it of to Danno.

Once done, I nip out for a quick wander up the lochside. It’s a beautiful evening – no jacket required – and I make it back to set up the local community trust AGM on Zoom.