LOOKS like it’s gonna be dry all day today, so I blast through a load of work and aim to get get the base down for the bike shed.

By coincidence as I write up a report for the PRS Members’ Fund (PRSMF) the phone rings…it’s PRSMF HQ. Seems a decision has been made to stop annual visits – currently telephone ‘visits’ due to covid – to grant holders. As visitor for Scotland and the north f England, looks like this little stream of work has just dried up – it only amounted to a few days’ work a year but it was good thing to do. Bit of a shame, really, I’m – or should I say, was – the longest serving visitor on the team. Ah well.

After lunch I co tin groundwork for the shed base. Mixing the sand and cement in batches int eh wheelbarrow I pretty tough going and I have a few levelling hassles which Margaret come out to help me with. She’s a million times better at this shit than I am.

Of course it all takes longer – hours longer, in fact – that I’d planned so there’s no bike ride or walk today…I need to get back into the studio!

Good to have the base done, even if the shed’s not scheduled to be here until May.