Worth getting up early to have these ready for lunch..and get in a bike ride before breakfast 🙂

THE ALARM goes off just after 6am…I don’t usually see this time fo day unless we have a flight to catch!

I set it so I can get the ribs on the smoker so they’ll be ready for lunchtime. It’s Aaron’s first birthday today and Catriona’s bringing him over for an hour or two.

An early rise means I can go out for a bike ride without interfering with my work plan for the day.

First, though, I wanna make a few batches of egg bites – some chorizo and cheese and some feta and sun-dried tomato. When I start assembling all my ingredients I realise I forgot to get cottage cheese which is a necessary ingredient in all egg bite recipes.

OK, that means I can kill two birds with one stone – take a bike ride to the village and get the cottage cheese. Even going mostly off road, the round trip to the village is only about 10 miles, so once I’ve got the cottage cheese safely in my bag I go a little further. Maybe more than a little but it’s fun and I wanna try and empty my battery before recharging.

Back home I get the egg bites under way and make four batches which will freeze and do a good few weeks’ breakfasts 🙂

Catriona and Aaron arrive and sit in the garden – I blether to Catriona and clean the bike while Margaret makes some mac’n’cheese then we swap places and I go indoors to make some cornbread. The ribs go down well and I wrap a slab in tinfoil and pack some cornbread for Catriona to take back for Will.

Catriona and Aaron leave early afternoon and I hit the studio and get some work done. There’s some photos to be done for new merch which I hope to launch tomorrow (Friday) in my online store.

Dinner is Bo Kho and I crack open my first beers since Saturday..we have a nice relaxing night in front of the telly.