A range of resonator guitar earrings are now available in my online merch store here

WE SLEEP in a bit and have a late breakfast b before finally getting started on some work.

A note from our pal Ted in Nashville tells me the video I filmed and produced for his band is premiering today on Nashville Scene and getting a good reaction. I spread the word.

By chance I realise our mobile phone business contract is up for renewal tomorrow. After debating the pros and cons, costs etc of upgrading our five year old iPhones I call our service provider and strike a deal.

The day is almost done when I get out for a quick walk – amazing that it’s still light after 6.30pm….great to see the days getting a little longer.

There’s a range of resonator guitar earrings to be added to my online merch store. Once added, I do some social media posts.

Finally I get into the kitchen and make some ttetbokki. The best effort yet 🙂