WE’RE only just up when Matty arrives – because he lives alone, he’s allowed to be part of our lockdown bubble. He drops his bags off and goes out for a run.

While Matty’s away, Catriona and the kids come and sit in the garden with Margaret. With only two adults from two households – the kids don’t count – allowed to meet outdoors I make myself scarce and get on with some work in the studio.

There’s been a fair bunch of orders in for the resonator guitar earrings – and a mystery payment from someone in the USA which I decide to use to buy a new bike helmet. My current helmet is pushing thirty years old, had a few cracks and the inside is disintegrating, so it’s maybe not before time.

I do a bit of online research and get something sorted.

I’m making carnitas for dinner which takes a bit of time in the kitchen and enjoy a couple of beers as I go. We eat, watch a wee bit of telly and chat then head off to bed.