A nice 20-plus mile Sunday morning cycle – thanks fore the pic Martyn 🙂

UP EARLY and breakfast out the way to go and meet my pal Martyn for a cycle.

I have a three-mile cycle to meet up then we do a great 15-mile loop and chat along the way (other than on the two massive uphill stretches!). Martyn’e e-bike isn’t scheduled to be delivered for another four weeks so he’s on full manual power and does damn good…I stay in lowest power assistance mode to try and keep things relatively even.

My total trade is over 20 miles – when I get back Matty’s just back from a run. Margaret makes a quiche for lunch then I hit the office and get some work done. Still a lot of merch to set out and some other prototypes to be worked on.

After dinner we enjoy our pal Bill’s regular Sunday night (afternoon for him!) livestream from Florida.