I SPEND a good part of the morning sorting, packing and printing postage for merch orders then take a walk to the nearest postbox to send them off before last post pickup at midday.

There’s a bunch of ‘tech’ issues to be sorted out and some networking stuff that needs revisited before I make fried chicken sandwiches for lunch.

Most of the afternoon is spent in the studio trying to plans in place for a wee non-music project that I hope to have up and running when lockdown lifts. Overwhelmed with ideas – musical and non-musical – so really need to start getting some priorities and strategy in pace.

I also need to clear, tidy and sort out both he office and studio which are becoming more and more cluttered. Oh, and there’s accounts to be done – I have hardly paid them any attention since last year end!

Late afternoon I venture out in the rain for a walk up the lochside and stop off at Betty and Joe’s door to sort some email/iPad issues.

While our internet/fibre is great, our local area network (LAN) is in dire need of some housekeeping so before making dinner I do a bit of research and solution-sourcing.