A NOTE from the guy receiving my guitar in Estonia is asking why I put a value on the paperwork as he’s getting walloped for customs/import duty or whatever they have over there.

I message back explaining that not only is it for insurance purposes and he replies asking me to do new paperwork saying the guitar is only worth €70/870! I don’t think it’s possible to amend or re-do this kinda paperwork, besides, these folks’ heads don’t zip up the back…

Instead, I contact UPS whose rep advises me to email the export department which I do with the info they need and explaining the guitar has no value and is a personal item – the declared value was solely for insurance purposes. Hopefully that’ll help.

The whole rigmarole has taken top the entire morning.

I spend the afternoon catching up on the work that was meant to be done this morning and finally get caught up enough to allow me to go out a walk top the lochside.

Back in the studio I plug in the guitar and – aside from a call from the doc offering me an appointment for my covid jab next week 🙂 – get lost in music for a few hours until it’s time to make tonight’s teriyaki chicken. I make extra to use as a filling for steamed bao buns for tomorrow’s lunch 🙂