Nice interview podcast and feature in the Milwaukee Record 🙂

THERE’S some Merch to be packed and taken to the postbox. When I get back to the house the post’s been and amongst the mail is a wee display dongle from Astropad – sent from our pal Billy in the ‘States as it’s not available in the UK.

Apple’s sidecar which allows an iPad to be used as a second screen with a laptop is great, but it’s pretty much display only..the Luna dongle from Astropad turns the iPad into a full screen remote desktop meaning I can control the DAW (digital audio workstation) software and hardware from the live room in the studio.

A local pal has asked for help as their website is down, so I don’t have time to fully test the dongle, but a quick spin indicates it’s gonna be awesome 🙂

It takes me a good couple of hours to fix the website – I drop them a text when it’s all back up and running. Phew!

After lunch – leftover teriyaki chicken in steamed bao buns – I open a note from the folks at the Milwaukee Record that the interview I did a few weeks ago is now live and accompanied by a feature on their website. I spend some time sharing and spreading the word. The hour-long interview is a pretty good insight into how I got into music and my views on such.

After making some burgers for to nights dinner I download the interview, go for a walk up the lochside and listen through.

We’ve had some security and local area network (LAN) issues with our network. A delivery of the necessary hardware to keep things safe needs set up. It all goes pretty smoothly and I’m pretty pleased with the result.

Now everything’s up to date and sorted, I light a chimney-ful of charcoal and get the grill going for our burgers.