IT’S MATTY’S birthday today – he’s 39 – and he’s coming to stay tonight…he’s in our ‘bubble’ as he lives alone.

We’re not long up when he arrives, drops his stuff and goes out for a run. We have breakfast then I go out a bike ride the native woodland centre then up the hills behind Cashel.

Catriona and the kids are int he garden when I get back – Will didn’t come as he was concerned (as was I – I’d offered to make myself scarce!) about breaking the ‘four people from two households’ lockdown rule.

We have a coffee and cake that Catriona made and then they head off. Wee Aaron’s greetin’ a bit so Catriona though it best to get them home.

I get a little work done in the studio then light up the grill for tonight’s Vietnamese beef – special request from Matty for his birthday dinner.

We eat, drink and chat then settle down to watch Restless Natives