We plan and announce a livestream concert – with just a week’s lad time! For info/reservations click the image above…or click here.

MARGARET’S to go into Glasgow early, so we’re up at a reasonable time.

After making up a meal plan and shopping list for her, I get busy in the office then take a break too go for a walk and drop off some asparagus risotto for Betty and Joe.

Margaret’s home by lunch time and after we get the shopping away we have lunch and discuss options for my next livestream concert. It’s the last episode of Tales From the Road this evening and I have a new series planned that’s based around the idea of focusing on an instrument and song the was written on it along with the story behind both in each episode.

Rather than start it next week and have a break for a concert, we decide to do the concert next week (Monday 22 March) – not much lead-in time, but better than breaking the series.

This, of course, means a load of unplanned work – setting up a platform, ticketing, graphics and starting to spread the word. Information and reservations here. I also put out an interim email announcing the livestream to my mail list and get it listed in all relevant places online.

Once that’s in hand I gather all the video clips and do the prep for tonight’s final Tales From the Road and get everything in place with just a few minutes to spare before go live. Talk about cutting it fine!

Some merch-related projects need to be thought through and costed up then, at midnight, our pal Ted premiers the video I made for him on his band’s Facebook page – I join the livestream and contribute to the conversation.