MY NEW version of Cherry Wine recorded with the Faultlines is released tomorrow so there’s a load of prep work to be done.

As well as preparing today pre-release social media content and posts, I need to prepare ‘out now’ content for updating after midnight, a Bandcamp page and all sorts of other stuff.

I take a break for lunch then get back onto things – I need two have the decks cleared before I take a bike ride to the village for my first covid jab.

I get to the doctor’s with a few minutes to spare then I’m in, vaccinated and out before I know it.

I feel fine so take a bit of a detour and hit the off-road route home, deciding to push things a bit and go up onto he West Highland Way, taking a track I’ve not been on before. Of course just as I’m past the point of no return the track pretty much peters out and I have to negotiate a lot of water, mud and gorse bushes which shred my hands and legs.

I have to haul the bike over a couple of fences and finally make it back to a track I’m familiar with.

Having not planned to go through any mud/extreme off road, I hadn’t expected to have to clean the bike when I get home but, like me, it’s covered in dirt and cow shit.

It’s a lovely evening and I’m quite happy giving the bike some TLC then I go indoors and make lahmucan for dinner.

After midnight I up[date a bunch of social media with the up[date release info and graphics then head for bed.