Out today…the new single featuring my lockdown recording collective, the Faultlines….

WHEN I wake up I feel like I have a pretty stinkin’ hangover. I did enjoy a few beers and a glass or two of red last night.

But when I get up for a piss I’m pretty dizzy and staggering about like a drunk giraffe. it gets worse and when I go back to bed I’m not sure if I’m dreaming or hallucinating. Could this be an unwelcome side effect of the vaccine?

I’m feeling crap and can’t even look at my phone or lift my head from the pillow which isn’t really good news as it’s release day for the new single.

By midday I’m feeling a little better, get dressed and take the laptop out to the garden to try and deal with the promo needing done and set up a Facebook premiere for the video accompanying the single.

The feedback on the single is all good, but my promo efforts and stuff are all a bit lacklustre.

It’s Catriona’s birthday on Monday, but she’s bringing the kids over tomorrow (Saturday) for an early celebration and I’m making arancini with mushroom risotto – so I need to make the risotto today and let it chill overnight. I also want to make a wee extra gift and get busy in the office.

The Facebook video premiere at 7pm goes well and attracts more positive feedback.

We were both planning to take a walk to Betty and Joe’s and sit outside with them for an hour or so, but I’m still feeling grim, so Margaret goes herself and I potter about and prepare the grill for our burgers later on.

It’s well after 9pm when she’s back and I light the grill..but 10pm isn’t too late to eat when your day didn’t start ’til the afternoon!