Great views on our bike ride up into he Kilpatrick hills

AS soon as I’ve had breakfast I get the bike ready to go and meet Martyn for our planned bike ride.

We’re going to search for the falls of Ishneich. I’ve plotted out a route on Strava which should get us to the vicinity of the falls with minimum road riding.

It’s a beautiful day and we both enjoy the run. I’ve done nearly 25 miles by the time I’m home and the bike isn’t too dirty either!

After some lunch I hit the studio and finish off my set list for tomorrow (Monday’s) livestream and run through a couple songs. I’ll need a decent rehearsal before go-live tho’!

We take a walk along to Betty and Joe’s to drop off some stuff then I tackle this evening’s chicken katsu donburi (‘don’) while watching Billy’s weekly livestream form Florida…normally a 9pm Strat but the last couple week’s it’s been 8pm as USA has already ‘changed the clocks’. We’ll be back to 9pm next week!

A wee selfie en route 🙂