Margaret at control centre for the livestream…

I MANAGE to get through a load of stuff and a run to the postbox with some merch orders before a Zoom guitar session with a student in the borders.

Once I’m done with the Zoom session I do some ‘day of show’ promo for this evening’s livestream then make fried chicken sandwiches of lunch. They’re good!

Seems crazy to start the tech set up for tonight’s livestream so far in advance, but I need every second of it! When folks are paying for a livestream I feel I need to do my utmost to make sure the sound and picture are top notch.

While there’s not much time to spare, we’re open top of things where it comes time to go live, although I’m unhappy with some of the back end stuff with Eventbrite. I’ll follow that up during the week.

The livestream goes well tho’…then we tidy up, have dinner, a dram and…bed…

…the ‘stage’ area right before we go live!