Shoulda done this in the studio ages ago…

I’M off into Glasgow first thing to drop the car at the garage in Maryhill. The front suspension/springs needs replaced.

They need the car for half a day, which is a pain in the arse, not least as nothing’s open and there’s not really anywhere to go. In normal times I’d take the laptop to a McDonalds and get some work done over coffee and free wifi…and maybe a snack too in a nice, warm, weatherproof environment.

Today, I take a walk into town, get a couple fo scotch eggs from Sainsbury’s for breakfast, wander about a bit then go into Queen Street station for a seat and check my email.

It’s not long before I start needing a shit though, and head to the station toilet. You need a valid train ticket to get in 🙁

It didn’t cross my mind to go and buy a ticket to the next station, but it woulda been quite an expensive dump…or, even worse, just a big fart.

I walk back up Sauchiehall Street to M&S. Maybe I can use the big there. Nope, the floor with the toilets is shut.

I do a quick phone search – ‘public toilets Glasgow open during lockdown’ – and find an app. Looks like Buchanan Street bus station is my best bet. I get there and find I need 30p. Cash. I only have cards and my phone. Can’t jump the barrier ‘cos there’s staff everywhere and there’s nowhere to get cash or buy something and get cash back. Fuck sake.

Plan C. Walk up to Costco/Tesco at Springburn. I ditched that idea. Too far and too much of a detour, so instead I walk up to Chung Ying and get some shopping then up to Port Dundas and along the canal back towards Maryhill.Things are getting desperate and now I’m busting for a piss into the bargain.

I carry on up the canal path to the big Tesco in Maryhill and….toilet!!!! Thank fuck. Not before time.

It’s a 10/15-minute walk back down Maryhill Road to the garage and get there by 1pm. The car’s not ready. they need another hour.

I take a walk through to Great Western Road, grab a sandwich from Subway and go and sit by the river to eat and catch up on emails ’til the car’s ready.

I’m buggered when I get home. Not so much the 14 miles I’ve walked, more the unsuitable footwear and stress of trying to find a toilet!

Late afternoon a courier drops of a sit/stand contraption to sit on my desk int he studio. I’ve had a sore back for a week now and I think my monitor is too low.

I had a makeshift standing desk in the office a few years ago and it worked well although was very cumbersome and wouldn’t work in the studio, but this gadget is narrow enough to fit between my monitor speakers and will work as a monitor stand when lowered and a standing desk at full height. Even better, I can have it any height so can use a stool in a sort of ‘in between’ position 🙂

It’s late by the time I make salt and pepper tofu with stir-fried broccoli which we enjoy in front of the telly…



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