MARGARET’S away onto Glasgow before I get a chance to make a meal plan and shopping list, so as soon as I’ve finished breakfast I get on the case with that.

In the studio I tick the main things off the admin to-do list then re-set the place – everything’s still set up fro the livestream show I did on Monday night. I clear up then start re-organising my desktop to make the best of the sit/stand desk adaption.

With Spring on the way, the trees will start budding soon and I need to cut, prune and trim a load of trees and bushes that have grown like Topsy since I last did it two years ago. When the leaves start coming they’ll completely block out view of the hill.

I spend a couple of hours hours snipping and sawing then start making lunch – air fried tofu which is then caramelised and put in steamed bao buns with hoisin sauce and pickled cucumbers. They’re delicious!

There’s still an hour or two’s work needing done on the bushes/trees but the rain’s on so I retire to the office and do some more work online.

In the studio, a USB-c hub has been dangling from the back of the monitor – the captive cable isn’t long enough to let it sit flat and with the new monitor stand, it’s all a bit untidy. I design a prototype stand but there’s no time to knock it up as there’s a Zoom meeting about a local community project,

After the Zoom, I make the protoype, make a few adjustments and create the final piece which I glue together and should be ready to use in the morning 🙂