THE morning is spend planning my new livestream series – Dave Arcari’s Tools of the Trade: An instrument, a story & a song.

It’ll kick off on Monday coming (29 March, 8pm UK time) and be exclusively available in my Facebook group, Dave Arcari’s Wildcats.

A message comes through to let me know the guy that bought my guitar in Estonia has managed to get it out of customs. It’s in one piece and he’s delighted. Phew. that’s a weight off my mind.

After lunch I cut back some more bushes and prune some more trees before the rain calls a halt to my efforts. Back in the studio I start messing with graphic ideas for the livestream series then go for a walk up the lochside.

While walking I think through some graphic re-branding for the Wildcats group that might be more suitable for some exclusive merch and do a couple of livestreams to give folks a heads up on the upcoming livestream series.

I also had an idea for a wee present I want to make for granddaughter Freya so get that underway before lighting some charcoal and preparing the grill for tonight’s chicken kebabs.