The graphic idea for my Tools of the Trade livestream series,,,.

THE day gets off to a good start – the music supervisor in LA has sent an email saying she thinks I’ve got the gig to do the vocals for a Scottish sea shanty version of Bon Jovi’s Wanted (Dead or Alive) for US reality TV series The Deadliest Catch.

A batch of signature bottlenecks has arrived so I spend some time getting them back on sale in my online shop and also on Facebook. I take some snaps too to use to spread the word.

With my new livestream series starting on Monday, I need to get solemn graphics prepared and start spreading the word.

The day’s done but I really fancy a spin on the bike and head out through the forest and up the lower part of Conic Hill before the rain gets bit heavy and I make for home.

We take a walk along to Betty and Joe’s and have a socially distanced glass (or two!) of wine outside while I sort some iPhone and iPad issues for Betty.

Back home I make vegetable pasta – basically a garlic, smoky tomato sauce with chargrilled peppers, courgettes and mushrooms – and we chill the rest of the night.

A nice bike ride at the end of the day into the forest on the lower slopes of Conic Hill