I DUNNO if it’s ‘cos the clock went forward – or because we had a late one – but we’re both knackered and have an extremely long lie!

There’s a lot of work to be done today – specifically the version of Wanted (Dead or Alive) I’ve to record for The Deadliest Catch.

It’s a horrible wet day outside and I have to clean the smoker grille ready for today’s batch of chicken. The wind’s blowing the rain under the BBQ shelter, the gazebo and all our other ‘covered’ outdoor areas, so every time I venture outside I get soaked.

By the time my pal Martyn drops by to pick up a cable he needs to borrow the wind’s eased, so we sit outside in the garden and have a coffee and a blether.

I get the chicken not he smoker then hit the studio to work on the vocal track for the song I’ve to record. The guide tracks are a few BPM (beats per minute) slower than my initial voice demo o it takes me a while to figure out the timing for the vocal. I get it sorted and start a set up to do some recording for real in the morning.

The chicken’s ready. The majority is bagged up for the freezer to use in jambalaya and there’s some for tonight’s dinner which we enjoy with chips and Alabama white BBQ sauce.

The video I recorded for Beatles on the Chippewa a coupe of weeks ago is running in their livestream event this evening, then we tune in to Bill’s weekly livestream from Florida.