A still from episode one of my Tools of the Trade livestream – join my Facebook group to watch this and future episodes…

RIGHT after breakfast I create all the graphics and content I need to promote tonight’s first livestream episode of Tools of the Trade. I post some, and hold others to post later…if I have time.

I have a guitar session with a student in the borders mid-morning then iI get set up to do some more work on the Bon Jovi song for The Deadliest Catch and send the vocal file off to the producer.

We have an early lunch then Margaret drives me to the post office in the village too end off some merch packages. I’d planned to take the bike but it’s pissing rain and I don’t have time to dry/clean it. Instead, I walk back home.

Back in the studio I record some slide guitar riffs for the song then start repairing for tonight’s livestream,. I need to do waiting and end screen graphics and do the tech set ups. I also decide I need a quick intro video sequence. No time to do anything fancy but I manage to throw something together just in time for go-live.

As usual it’d a bit of a rush and I’m not sure what happens when I go live but the audio starts looping infinitely. I have a bit of a scrabble to fix it and although I get it sorted, the hiatus puts me out my stride and the show isn’t quite what I’d hoped…or planned. Ah well, I’ll take sure I’m more ‘on it’ next week!

`Before closing up the studio I notice my website has something strange going on. it’s not ‘down’ as such, but the homepage has gone all weird. Another techie job for tomorrow!