AN email came in overnight from the producer in LA with a coupla suggested tweaks for the vocal on the Bon Jovi song for Deadliest Catch.

Once I get the decks cleared of routine stuff I get set up in the studio and get busy recording. The guidelines aren’t hugely specific, but I interpret the requests as best I can and get some more audio files sent off.

I marinade a piece of flank steak I took out the freezer earlier so it’ll be ready for the grill tonight.

With financial year end looming, I head tot he office and start trying to organise a year’s-worth of receipts and paperwork. Unusual for me not to stay on top of it all, but things have been so sporadic and unpredictable over the last year that I just didn’t feel the need.

Plus, I month or two ago I checked out FreeAgent – an accounting app with free access to RBS business account holders.

There’s a lot of paper shuffling, filing, shredding and ordering before I call it a day in the office and go to meet some local folks in the next village about a wee community project we’re investigating.

It’s these quick journeys that underline the value of the bike as a serious car replacement as well as a leisure purpose.

I’m back home in time to set up and manage a Zoom meeting for the local community trust then start grilling the flank steak…