Next livestream concert…click the pic for info/bookings

I’D undertaken to draw up a plan for the community project I met some folks about last night and realise I need some photos.

Once I’ve dealt with the morning’s emails and stuff I gather some gear, jump on the bike and grab some photos. In the office I get the plan done and sent off. We’ll be starting work on the project at the weekend.

We make up a meal plan for the next week and Margaret goes off to get the shopping. I start putting together my April eNewsletter and realise that if I want to schedule an April livestream concert I’d better get it sorted so I can get it in the eNewsletter.

Once done, the eNewsletter is fi dished and scheduled to go out to my email list first thing in the morning (Thursday).

I head out for a walk up the lochside and ponder the best way to produce the livestream concert and decide a different approach to lighting might be good. Back home I scour the internet and source a light that I think might help me get the look I want.

Times getting on and it’s quite late by the time I make the tteotboki then I sit with the laptop and get a bit more work done.

An email from the producer I’ve been working with on the song for Deadliest Catch tells me that the stuff I’ve done’s all good and that the TV folks are delighted. Phew!