The new packaging not only looks a lot better – it’ll ensure the earrings arrive in one piece!

A FAN in the ‘States ordered earrings from my merch store and one was broken when they arrived…so I had to re-think packaging. Margaret ordered some boxes online and they look like just the job. The only thing is the size means the P&P costs have gone up a little. Worth it to make sure they arrive safe tho’!

I add some branding to the lids and re-package some to photograph for the merch store…and just as I finish an order comes in for a load of merch – including earrings!

There’s a bit of rehearsing and prep for tomorrow’s (Friday) video and interview video shoot with Tom Russell for The Max

I have a Zoom session with a banjo student in the USA in the afternoon and I’ve just finished when Will drops Freya off – she’s staying the night with us.

There’s more merch to be prepared and packed up then I wait ’til Freya’s in bed and asleep before making a noise int he kitchen with dinner prep!