The view from the stage at the Blue Arrow as I perform a short set for Tom Russell and The Max…all carried out under strict adherence to lockdown rules…

THERE’S a bunch off shipping updates to be made in my online store. Once they’re done I promote the earrings around social media.

An email from the producer I’ve been working with on the Deadliest Catch song is asking if I’d mind doing one more take with less of a Scottish accent….the very thing they wanted in the first place. That’s TV for ya. And I guess one of the main benefits of having my own studio.

I record another version and send it off.

After a quick run though of the songs I’m gonna play at the filming session/interview for Tom Russell and The Max I decide what gear I need to take and get it all packed up ready to go.

The filming is in a venue in Glasgow called the Blue Arrow and being run in strict adherence to lockdown rules. It was originally scheduled for 5pm, but got moved forward to 4pm which is no bad thing.

The production guys are brilliant and it’s great to catch up with my pal Tom. The session goes well and I;m looking forward to to it going out.

I stop and pick up a few bits of shopping on the way home. Once I’ve unloaded the gear and tidied up int eh studio we have dinner and a nice relaxed evening.