Antje (left), Julie and I make a start clearing the embankment at the the village hall

I’M on a ‘digging’ shift at the village hall from 11am to 1pm a group of locals has undertaken to clear the place up and start making it all more like a community garden.

First, though, I have to cycle to the village with the merch I forgot to take to the post office yesterday!

Back at the village hall, Antje, Julie and I get busy uprooting brambles and making a start on clearing the embankment. it’s a lovely morning…so it’s hot, tiring work!

I’m home in time for some lunch then we tidy up the garden and prepare for Duncan and Irene coming for an outdoor, socially distanced dinner this evening.

Our pal Emma stops by the garden a for a meeting to discuss some web and photo stuff she’d like me to do…we chat and enjoy the afternoon.

I get some work done in the studio while Margaret gets some prep done for dinner – she’s doing all the cooking tonight! – then I go back to the garden for a coffee and a break just as Betty arrives.

There’s some networking issues with the light in the office and also the Sonos system so I spend some time sorting these out before our pals arrive.

We have a fantastic evening catching up. They head off just before midnight – we clear up, pour a nightcap and start watching a doc about Freddie Mercury on the telly. I remember none of it when we are up on the sofa at 3.30am….