40-odd km bike. ride to Aberfoyle with Martyn…

HAVING not come to bed ’til 3.30am and being full of beer, wine and whisky I’m not my brightest this morning…and I need to get my shot together to go and meet Martyn for a bike ride.

I rush down breakfast and get on my way. Martyn’s new eBike arrived during the week, so this is our first ride together where we both have power.

We do a mostly off-road loop to Aberfoyle and have a great, but windy, ride. When I get home I see it’s been 45km. I get the bike cleaned and lubed then jump into the shower.

A small soft box for one of the lights in the studio arrived…a £17 bargain from Amazon. There’s no instructions, and assembly isn’t that obvious and it takes me a good 20 minutes too get the thing put together. Worth it, though, and if I get another of the lights I’m using it on I’d deffo get another.

In the kitchen I prepare some chicken and put it in a marinade for tonight’s kebabs then go back to the studio and get some more work done

Times getting on and it’s dark when I go back to the house, get some charcoal lit for the grill and have the kebabs ready in time for our pal Bill’s weekly livestream concert from Florida…