A still from episode two in my Tools of the Trade livestream…

FIRST job of the day is to promote this evening’s Tools of the Trade livestream..then get set up for a guitar session with a student in the borders.

After the session I get busy with some graphics and website updates for my pal Rab then it’s time for lunch.

In the office I gather together some of the archive stuff I wanna include in this evening’s livestream then nip out for a walk.

I need to prep the stuff for the livestream then get the technical setup sorted. This is where the fun starts…OBS (the software I use for the stream) is playing funny buggers and it takes until a few minutes before go live to get sorted.

That means a panic to get the rest fo the stream set up and then another nightmare – Facebook doesn’t seem to have a way of going live in a scheduled livestream. After much clicking and swearing, I set up a new livestream and go live just a few minutes late.

The stream goes largely to plan other than audio not working the first time I launch a movie…works second attempt. No apparent reason.

To compound matters, a member of my group shares an other livestream into the group seconds before I go live. I’m blissfully unaware, but Margaret’s in the house going nuts about it!

It uncovers a dilemma – my private group is for all things ‘Dave Arcari’-related..it’s not for other folks to promote their stuff! In saying that, if members have something they think fellow members might be interested in, it’s fair enough to allow that stuff to be shared. but where do we draw the line. Need to have a think about this…