I spot some new-borns on the ride home…

I’M on a bit of a mission to find a way of controlling the iPhone camera from another device. The Apple Watch camera remote is a bit of fun but doesn’t allow any proper set up of the pic.

I draw a blank – all the stuff I find is either basic opt just plain shite. I fire off a few emails then get on with sorting out some merch orders.

I’m on the way back to the studio when Betty stops by for a coffee in the garden – I leave her and Margaret and attempt to make more progress with my accounts.

The PayPal statement I ‘import’ has a few bloopers but I can’t find a way of sorting them. It’s one step forward and two steps back!

Bay late afternoon I need some exercise and decide to cycle to the village to pick up some cottage cheese for tomorrow morning’s egg bites. Margaret needs cream to make a quiche too.

I take the off road route as much as possible, planning a loop taking in a section of the West Highland Way on the way home.

I get some more work done in the studio then retire to the house and knock up some mushroom risotto…

…and a quick selfie along the West Highland Way