IT’S wet, windy and horrible outside!

By chance I brought the laptop from the studio when I shut up shop last night so I don;t even venture outside to get started with today’s work!

As well as the routine stuff, I work on some merch ideas and a future livestream series with Smokehead.

By lunchtime the rain’s gone off a bit so I take a walk along to Betty and Joe’s to drop off some mushroom risotto I made for them.

After making some dough for tonight’s lahmacun – with wholemeal flour as wee experiment – I spend the afternoon back on my accounts and manage to crack the FreeAgent problem I had…still don’t really know what I’m doing with it!

There’s some odd packs for frozen lamb mince leftover from previous lahmacun attempts in the freezer. I combine them and use them for tonight’s dinner. A while back we couldn’t;t get lamb mince and I bought some diced lamb and minced it myself. The difference was huge – so much better. It was a lot less fatty and made a much better lahmacun.

Tonight, though, the lamb is ‘shop bought’ mince and, as a result, I’m not so pleased with the result. Good to get it used up, though – been kicking about the freezer for months!