I run out of time on our cycle ride so head back home on my tod…

NICE day out there and I get the bike ready to go and meet my pal Martyn for a bike ride.

I’ve only got an hour or so and after we’ve been going a while I check the time…I’m meant to be back by now and am a good hour from home!

Martyn decides to go a bit longer and I turn back and head for home.

Then bike’s not too dirty when I get home, so I save some time not having to clean and lube it.

Catriona and the kids are in the garden and head out for a walk with Margaret…I get the smoker going and tonight’s beef short rib open low’n’slow. Should be ready by 7/8pm…

In the studio I get a bit of work done and then chill a while before dinner’s ready. We eat and then watch Bill’s weekly livestream from Florida.