I head out fora walk and stop to do some livestreams to promote tonight’s episode of Tools of the Trade

THERE’S a guitar lesson with one of my weekly students this morning then I start thinking about tonight’s Tools of the Trade livestream.

I create a Facebook ‘event’, create some graphics and post them around my socials to spread the word and remind folks about the livestream.

My proposal for The Smokehead Sessions – a series of half hour, free-to-view livestreams with whisky tasting and songs running through June – is finished and I send it off for final approval.

After lunch I mix a load of cement and fill in the final bit of trench holding the internet cables – I got our pal Willie to cut a large groove in the concrete at the front of the studio so I could bury the conduit. The main trench was completed last summer but the final few feet over concrete was still overground.

Mixing and using the concrete was much easier than I expected. Usually I underestimate the complexities of seemingly simple DIY jobs, but this really was simple!

I get some prep done for tonight’s livestream – archive video content, technical set up and stuff – then head out for a walk.

While wandering ups he lochside I listen to a podcast and do some quick, informal livestreams to my page and group about tonight’s Tools of the Trade.

The extra prep during the day – and experience built up over the last few months –make an almost clustertfuck-free episode…then it’s back to the house where Margaret has dinner ready 🙂

Episode three in my Tools of the Trade livestream goes to plan!