Now Margaret’s been to the hairdresser my hair is now longer than hers for the first time!

WE’RE off into Glasgow early – Margaret’s got an appointment at the hairdresser and I’ll get the shopping.

Not only does it kill two birds with one stone, dropping Margaret off and picking her up when her hair’s done saves considerable city centre parking fees!

It’s a lovely sunny day and I get round Costco, Tesco and Chung Ying with enough time to spare to nip into Tiso’s for a quick look round.

Margaret wants a McDonalds for lunch so we stop at the drive through in Milngavie and I have my first McDonalds’ burger in over a year. Haven’t been missing much, really…!

We nip in to Waitrose for a couple of other bits of shopping then come home via Glengoyne distillery where I pick up Smokehead supplies for the Smokehead Sessions livestream series we’re planning for June.

Smokehead’s merch folks were meant to send a bunch of promo/point of sale stuff for me to use when we filmed the video session dn interview with Tom Russell a few weeks ago, but it never arrived. After checking in, it seems it was delivered and signed for here back in March. Mmmmmm….very strange.

Stranger still, when I check our security camera footage there was a ParcelForce delivery on the same date, at the same time as the Smokehead merch was signed for. It wasn’t the same package tho’!

The plot thickens…!

In the studio I set up to film a song and piece to camera for Bonfest to complement a Zoom video interview I did for them yesterday.

There’s a few technical hitches (surprise!) but eventually everything clicks…it’s time to make dinner, though, so the edit’ll have two wait ’til tomorrow!