Watch the promo for Monday’s upcoming livestream….

IT’S a nice day out there, so after breakfast I start setting up to make a wee promo for Monday’s Facebook livestream concert.

Betty drops by for a coffee and Margaret leaves me to finish filming myself then I print a pic out for Betty.

We have lunch in the garden then I get busy editing the video I filmed for Bonfest and send it off.Pretty pleased with the result. Watch this space!

After all the video and editing I make time to go for a walk up the lochside, dropping into Betty’s to help find Joe’s keys.

Back home I marinade some chicken for tonight’s kebabs then get some more work done.

It’s still light when I light the charcoal for the grill. Or at least try to. I’m using an emergency bag of supposedly ‘restaurant grade’ charcoal from B&Q and although it looks good, it’s like trying to light stones.

I use the chimney, the looftlighter and all sorts. it’s over an hour later and dark by the time I get the stuff going!