A 14-mile loop takes me into the hills…

A MESSAGE from someone in London alerts me to a feature in the Metro newspaper. Somehow Monday’s upcoming livestream has made it into the seven best livestreams over the next week – Iggy Pop, Cypress Hill…all big names. And me. Right in the middle, biggest picture! See it here.

My priority list gets a re-shuffle and I set about using the press coverage as content across my social media. While press coverage doesn’t have anywhere near the impact it used to, using the cutting is a good third party endorsement and validation when spread over social media etc.

I manage to get back on track with tasks by lunchtime and we enjoy our lunch outside in the sunshine then Matty arrives…he’s in our bubble and staying the night.

Mid-afternoon I venture out for a bike ride. Just an hour-long 14-mile loop but it’s glorious.

Back home I finish of some merch and get it parcelled up to go to the ‘States then work on a prototype for some ‘wildcats’ merch.

I make a green curry for dinner and we sit and chat round the table ’til the wee hours.