Freya hangs out with Shitfur while I dry my hair…

WE’RE only just awake when Catriona messages Margaret to say she’s on her way with the kids!

I jump in the shower and Margaret gets breakfast started and by the time I’m out the shower they’re here.

After a chat and a coffee, Margaret, Catriona and the kids go a walk and I get busy in the office. one of the things I wanted to tackle first was some artwork for Matty’s running shirts.

Catriona and the kids head off just before lunchtime – we have lunch then I carry on with some merch prototyping. I’m keen to come up with a few merch items exclusively for members of may Wildcats Facebook group.

Mid-afternoon I do some promo livestreams for tomorrow’s (Monday) livestream concert then nip out for a quick shred round the forest tracks on the bike.

Then it’s time for a walk up the lochside before starting dinner. Black pepper tofu.

Out pal Billy’s weekly Sunday livestream – normally from Florida – is coming form his son’s in Wisconsin this week. but is plagues b y technical difficulties. After three or four attempts he abandons things for this week 🙁