A still from the livestream…

WHEN I wake up I realise there’s no cottage cheese to make my breakfast egg bites…I throw on my clothes, get the bike out and cycle to the village.

I take the long route and do a loop talking in a section of the West Highland Way high above the loch on the way home.

There’s enough ingredient to make a couple of batches of feta, sun-dried tomato and basil egg bites. Should do me. couple of weeks 🙂

After a Zoom guitar lesson with a student down south I get on with a heap of ‘on the day’ promo for tonight’s livestream concert then make some mushroom and feta filo parcels for lunch. They’re a hit!

Then it’s on to prep for the livestream. I need to think about cameras, lighting, haze (yup, wanna get a different look this time!) and, of course sound.

As usual it l takes longer than I expect and there’s not much time left over before it’s time to go live. All goes great although when I give the set a blast of haze during the concert I don’t turn the machine off properly and both the studio and control room end up in complete blinder!

We have an ‘aftershow’ chat and virtual drinks after the live. music then I tidy up while Margaret dishes dinner….