The aftermath of last night’s livestream…a fair bit of tidying needing done!

A LOTof tidying up to be done in the studio after last night’s livestream – cables, lights, cameras…all manner of stuff.

Once the place is back in order I can get on with some work.

I’m back in the house preparing lunch – steamed pork and chive buns – when a huge Argos artic pulls up to deliver a new sofa for the hall. A sofa bed, to be precise.

Margaret decided it was time to get rid of the manky old Ikea leather sofa – which we dragged outside last night and put under the gazebo – and put in something more useful for overnight guests.

I manage to unbox, assemble and get it in position.

I spend the afternoon working on merch stuff. The protoyping and testing is a bit laborious, but I need to get these things right before committing to or starting any production.

When Margaret gets home form Glasgow I go a walk and get back just in time to start the local community trust’s trustee and guests Zoom meeting. While I’m not a trustee, I have a Zoom account and can manage the meeting so Margaret – the trust secretary – can concentrate on the meeting.

It drags on a bit, but after it’s done and dusted I make salt and pepper tofu, we eat, then get on with some more work.