A little bit of a vanity trip, but I like experimenting with selfies from the iPhone 12 – the camera is starting to impress me…

MY start to the day is put on hold when I realise that something has gone wrong with the remote computer backups to buy server.

Not sure if due to some router/network changes or what, but the diagnosis takes me a good couple of hours. I’m just putting a remedy in place when my pal Duncan calls, so I leave the computer – and server – to do their thing and take a break to sit in the garden and chat on the phone for half an hour.

For lunch I make some steamed bao buns with caramelised tofu, quick pickled cucumber, hot sin, spring onions and sriracha. They turn out amazingly well.

It’s a lovely sunny day and the computer/server issues are sorted, so I grab the laptop out the studio and set up in the garden and spend a few hours on my accounts. Normally the accounts – and subsequent tax return – are out the way by now…after all, it’s a fortnight since year end! But…I hadn’t touched my accounts all year and I’m taking the opportunity to update my systems and use an online accounting package. it’s slow progress, but will, I hope, be worth it in the long run.

I’m out for a walk when Margaret gets back with the shopping…and I stop in at Betty and Joe’s to find some lost keys. Betty’s not very au fait with the Tile app on her phone, but I manage to find them 🙂

By coincidence, I watched Apple’s online event earlier which launched the AirTag…the tech giant’s answer to Tile and other bluetooth trackers. Must investigate a little.

We have a Zoom meeting with a community well-being group when I get back my walk then it’s time to make dinner and chill a little…