My fourth Homesong session – click the pic to watch…

WE sleep in a. bit and I have a bit of a panic getting through stuff before I have to go to the village shop – my first shift since December!

There’s some graphics and online promo needed for tonight’s Homesong livestream session.

While I’m busy Margaret makes me a sandwich and a coffee to take to the shop then I head off.

I’m only on midday to 5pm…then next week the hours extend a bit to 8pm. And I have two afternoon/evening shifts.

It’s nice to be back although I’d have liked a bike ride or walk in the sunshine!

When I get home, I start setting up for the Homesong livestream and get some other bits and bobs done.

There’s just four songs and some chat in the 8pm livestream and it seems to go well. There’s something weird with the sound, tough, and I don’t think it’s my end. The host had asked me to turn up the volume when we ‘sound checked’ before go-live…but afterwards he said he’d forgotten to plug his headphones in and that;s why he thought the audio levels needed to go up. I wonder if the cranky sound was because the levels were too high?

Once I’m done I join Margaret along at Betty and Joe’s for a socially distant glass of wine then we head for home and dinner.