Freya enjoying the sunshine…

WE’RE off to Catriona and Will’s soon, so I get busy in the studio and get the decks cleared before it’s time to leave.

Another beautiful day and we hang out and chat over coffee while the kids run around then Catriona brings lunch out to the garden…

I set up some web hosting and a holding page for Will’s glass/paperweight-making website a few years ago and he’s now ready to move towards a launch…we discuss logos/logotype, website and social media and I undertake to come up with some ideas for him.

Margaret and I go for a walk with Catriona and the kids then say cheerio and make for home.

In the studio I go through yesterday’s photos for the Ardyle web revamp and send them off for approval.

There’s another problem with some of the archiving on our network servers but I’ll need to re-visit that another day ;cos it’s time to make a green curry. It’s ready in time to tune into Billy’s weekly livestream form Florida.

Once we’ve eaten and the livestream’s done I mess with some logo idea and send them off to Will. Then it’s time for bed!