A still from episode four in my Tools of the Trade livestream…and I launch some Wildcats’-exclusive merch including this hat….click the pic to watch

I GET SHOWERED, breakfast and some admin done before heading to the studio for a Zoom session with one of my guitar students.

The morning’s nearly done when we finish then I start preparing for tonight’s Tools of the Trade livestream. Episode four…and I’m hoping to launch some exclusive Wildcats’ merch.

I get some online promo done then fire up the kamado – there’s some pizza dough leftover and I wanna give the wood-fired pizza thing another attempt.

This time I manage to keep the fire under better control but for some reason – maybe not enough flour – the pizza has stuck to the peel and ends sup in a kinda folded mess on the pizza stone! I leave it for a couple of minutes to cook and when I open the lid the pizza stone has split in two 🙁

The pizza looks a bit of a mess but is really good! Still, not perfect…more learning required…or maybe just more flour on the peel. And a better pizza stone that can stand 700 degrees!

Back in the studio I sort out the Wildcats’ merch and get it all on sale via a password-protected shop page on my website.

After setting everything up for the livestream I nip out for a quick walk, getting back with just a few minutes to go live!

The livestream is a bit frantic, but goes fine …and there’s some immediate orders for merch which is encouraging.

Margaret’s got dinner ready when I get back to the house then we both get a little work done before bed.